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The Real Reason for Conference Expansion!!!

Posted on: September 19, 2011 9:58 pm
Edited on: September 19, 2011 10:02 pm

I am going to give you a few reasons as to why I think the boom over conference expantion has hit. Why the college football world is headed down a path I really dont think we are ready for. Who does this benifit and who is getting screwed totally over?

#1 MONEY: Everyone knows that money is this key that turns the ignition in this situation. ESPN unloaded its bank account on the SEC to get the right to cover there league on T.V. The school that were struggling to make ends meet in the finanical deparment no longer have to worry about that. College presidents know that they need a piece of this pie or they will be left out, only to be scolded by the fanatics of todays college football.

#2 TEXAS: Why did Nebraska, Colorado, Texas A&M leave the Big12? Because of Texas. The Big12 sold its soul win the agree not to for a Big12 network only to cater to Texas with the inclusion of the Longhorn Network. Texas Tech, Texas A&M have always been known as the little brother to Texas, and rightfuly so. I am amazed that there was not more of an uproar about the special treatment Texas seems to receive. I have always respected Texas and Coach Mack Brown but who wants to stand in the shadows of the bigdog when there maybe greener grass elsewhere.

#3 NCAA: Maybe the most improtant of them all. The conferences are sick and tired of the inconsistent nature of the NCAA. They are like a theif in the night standing at the doorway waiting, searching, digging for that mistake. When you make it they set punishments that don't match the examples they laid out before. They choose how they want to handle a situation by how they feel that day. It takes years for them to reach an agreement and punish kids who were not in school at the time of the infractions. The NCAA is a sack of crap and eventually you will see most schools pull out of this corrupt organization.

#4 BCS: The little guy has absolutly no shot at the National Title. The reason use to be because they need one quality win to deserve even a look. Boise St and TCU have started opening their season with power house teams and winning. What does the BCS do to reward them, make them play each other in a BCS game. Now the excuse is that they could not get through a full season playing quality opponents week to week and stay on top. So TCU joins the Big East and Boise St moves up in competition as well.

#5 FEAR: The reason the topic is so hot today is out of fear. Fear that schools will be left behind. The Big12 is almost gone. The Big East is follow suit. What happens to the schools who don't jump ship. The leagues are doing everything they can to hold on, the ACC raided the Big East out of fear that the SEC would raid the ACC. Its either act now or be left behind.

The college football world is opening doors to a world we are not ready for. The old rivalries whe have grown up with may be a thing of the past. How long does it take to create a new Rivalry? Who knows!!! The rumor of a 4 league 16 team mega-confrence is kind of scary. What happens to all the universities that are left out of the loop on this deal. The MONEY is all fine and good but what about the STUDENTS. Who is looking after them? How do they benifit from all of this? That is a question that no one is asking. The tradition is slowly fading and the old school feel is almost gone. COME ON GUYS YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS.

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