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The Real Reason for Conference Expansion!!!

I am going to give you a few reasons as to why I think the boom over conference expantion has hit. Why the college football world is headed down a path I really dont think we are ready for. Who does this benifit and who is getting screwed totally over?

#1 MONEY: Everyone knows that money is this key that turns the ignition in this situation. ESPN unloaded its bank account on the SEC to get the right to cover there league on T.V. The school that were struggling to make ends meet in the finanical deparment no longer have to worry about that. College presidents know that they need a piece of this pie or they will be left out, only to be scolded by the fanatics of todays college football.

#2 TEXAS: Why did Nebraska, Colorado, Texas A&M leave the Big12? Because of Texas. The Big12 sold its soul win the agree not to for a Big12 network only to cater to Texas with the inclusion of the Longhorn Network. Texas Tech, Texas A&M have always been known as the little brother to Texas, and rightfuly so. I am amazed that there was not more of an uproar about the special treatment Texas seems to receive. I have always respected Texas and Coach Mack Brown but who wants to stand in the shadows of the bigdog when there maybe greener grass elsewhere.

#3 NCAA: Maybe the most improtant of them all. The conferences are sick and tired of the inconsistent nature of the NCAA. They are like a theif in the night standing at the doorway waiting, searching, digging for that mistake. When you make it they set punishments that don't match the examples they laid out before. They choose how they want to handle a situation by how they feel that day. It takes years for them to reach an agreement and punish kids who were not in school at the time of the infractions. The NCAA is a sack of crap and eventually you will see most schools pull out of this corrupt organization.

#4 BCS: The little guy has absolutly no shot at the National Title. The reason use to be because they need one quality win to deserve even a look. Boise St and TCU have started opening their season with power house teams and winning. What does the BCS do to reward them, make them play each other in a BCS game. Now the excuse is that they could not get through a full season playing quality opponents week to week and stay on top. So TCU joins the Big East and Boise St moves up in competition as well.

#5 FEAR: The reason the topic is so hot today is out of fear. Fear that schools will be left behind. The Big12 is almost gone. The Big East is follow suit. What happens to the schools who don't jump ship. The leagues are doing everything they can to hold on, the ACC raided the Big East out of fear that the SEC would raid the ACC. Its either act now or be left behind.

The college football world is opening doors to a world we are not ready for. The old rivalries whe have grown up with may be a thing of the past. How long does it take to create a new Rivalry? Who knows!!! The rumor of a 4 league 16 team mega-confrence is kind of scary. What happens to all the universities that are left out of the loop on this deal. The MONEY is all fine and good but what about the STUDENTS. Who is looking after them? How do they benifit from all of this? That is a question that no one is asking. The tradition is slowly fading and the old school feel is almost gone. COME ON GUYS YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS.

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Big Business, College Football, Mega Conference

 What is happening to the game we love? Are we walking a fine line between right and wrong? Is the win at all cost attitude and the what have you done for me lately world caught up with us? Money, T.V. and and lack of loyalty is running college football in the ground. The old adage " if its not broke don't fix it" definitely applies for college football. With the terrible off season that the NCAA had this summer what has AMERICA'S GAME become.

We have had rumors of Mega Confrences for quite some time now and it finally looks like we are actually headed in that direction. What drives the talks the most? MONEY.... The four letter network (ESPN), Big Ten Network, Longhorn Network and NBC ( Notre Dame Contract ) has opened up the flood gates to a world I really don't thing we are ready for. We have had case after case of LACK OF INSTITUTIONAL CONTROL all of this offseason. With the way Miami and Ohio State as well as a number of other teams have stayed in the news by not what goes on the field but what happens off the field. The way the NCAA has been so inconsistent with penalties for these actions has poured gas on the fire. I fully believe everyone is sick and tired of the what the NCAA has become. I am afraid of what we are headed to.

Just take a look at this. If we head to a 4 League 16 team Mega Confrence, what happens to the other 55 teams that now make up the NCAA Division I Football. If you are not a big market, money driven team where do you fall in line? The Boise States, Utahs, TCU'S of the world, we may never see again. The little man really would not stand a chance ( maybe thats what the major confrences want anyway). We need that feel good story from time to time. Every fan likes to see an underdog win every once in a while.

Starting last year we began the fall of the Big 12. Which many thought was the second most powerful confrence in the country behind the SEC. What happened? Was it because of all the power the big time program like TEXAS has over every one else. With the addition of the Longhorn Network the confrence has split even farther with long time rival Texas A&M bolting for the SEC. Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops has even talked about stoping the Red River Rivaly (over 100 years old ) between Texas. Why, are they sick of catering to Texas. Baylor is talking of headed to the Big East. Like they always say "THE RICH GET RICHER".

What is really going on. Are our favorite players really just members of a very large MEAT MARKET. I see cases everyday where they stick a microphone in front of a elite level players face who can't even carry on a proper interview. But thats okay as long as that player rushed for over 100 yards and scored the game winning TD. We build these kids up when they put W'S on the board but God forbid if they are losing at halftime, we boo these same kids we just built up off the field. What have you done for me lately. A coach can build a program from scratch and be loyal to this program with all his heart. Lord help that same coach if he has one losing season, FIRE HIM ON THE SPOT. Just take Frank Beamer for one. Last seaon Virginia Tech lost to Boise St and James Madison to start the season. Tech fans calling for a change. The Game has passed Beamer by. Well Virginia Tech went on to win the ACC and this seson they sign Beamer to a contract extension. What have you done for me lately.

Its unbelieveable when you  sit back and think about the game. Long gone are the days where Nebraska, Alabama, Oklahoma and Texas can load up on elite talent with a depth chart full of whos who in college football. Now we have parity, if you lose a elite level player these days well there goes your National title shot. I like it that way. I love football the way it is.

Please to let the business side over take the game we love. Sorry for the rant guys but the more I think about the state of the game, the more it burns me up
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South Carolina vs Georgia

With Georgia playing for coach Mark Richt's job the Bulldogs came up just a little short. Final Score 45-42. For the second straight week the Gamecocks made plenty of mistakes to give this game away.

Stephen Garcia never found his groove so again the Gamecocks rode the back of Marcus Lattimore. Lattimore had 27 carries for 176 yards and 1 TD. Garcia went 11/25 147 yards 1 TD and 2 ints. It is unbelieveable to watch this kid run the football. Heisman Trophy Winner Eddie George stated on Sirus XM radio today that Lattimore would not have 80 yards rushing against that Georgia Defense. Boy was he wrong. The vision and the way he breaks tackles are second to none. Alshon Jeffery and Ace Sanders were key to keep drives going late in the game.

Gamecock special teams were terrible. Brandon Boykin had plenty of return yardage due to the fact Spurrier kept kicking him the football. For the second week in a row their kick coverage was so bad. Spurrier at one point was angling the kicks high and away from Boykin but then decided against that. On a positive note Melvin Ingram rumbled 68 yard on a fake put to put the gamecocks ahead 14-13 before halftime. Ingram who I might add is a 275 pound defensive end. Kicker Jay Wooten added a 49 yard field goal for the Gamecocks.

The Gamecock defense saved the offense in the early portion of the game by only giving uo two early field goals. Antonio Allen had his second great game in a row while returning and interception 35 yards for a TD ( Against East Carolina Allen also had a fumble recovery for a TD). The Gamecock had trouble all night stoping the run (Isiah Crowell had 17 carries for 118 yards and 2 touchdowns, this true freshman had his first breakout game). For the Gamecocks final touchdown JaDaveon Clowney stripped Aaron Murray of the ball and Melvin Ingram scored his second TD of the game.

With all the mistakes by both teams made the game was very entertaining. Georgia was in a must win situation and gave an unbelieveable efforts. This Bulldog team was supposed to unseat the Gamecocks from the top of the SEC East. Its a long year and plenty of games remaining, I fully expect this Georgia team to win its fair share of games and if by chance South Carolina falters down the strech like they have been know to do, look out for Georgia. Good Luck Coach Richt but congrats to the Gamcocks.

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South Carolina: Best Defensive Line class ever!!!

                       Coming off a year in which South Carolina accomplished a lot of first, we may have also landed the best defensive line class in school history. Let's revisit the things South Carolina accomplished first. The Gamecocks won the SEC East for the first time in the history of the program. That lead to the first ever SEC Championship game apperance were the Gamecocks lost to Auburn. Marcus Lattimore and Alshon Jeffery were the first running back and wide receiver combo to have a 1,000 yards rushing and receiving in the same season.. The Gamecocks also beat Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, and Clemson in the same year for the first time in school history, and won 9 games for only the third time. So many first for a school thats been around for over 100 years.

For the last two years the Gamecocks have landed the states best player or Mr Football in the state of south carolina. In 2009 they landed Stefon Gilmore who is a 2 time All-SEC selection and a freshman all American. In 2010 Marcus Lattimore was very instrumental in the sucess of the Gamecocks 9 wins. He also was an All-SEC player as well as a Freshman All American. The question was could the trend continue with this years #1 in state player and the overall #1 player in the country, Jedeveon Clowney. I will get to Mr Clowney later.

The University of South Carolina led the SEC in sack last season with 41 while in route to the SEC Title game. The steller play of all Cliff Matthews, Devin Taylor (7.5 sacks), Melvin Ingram (9 sacks) and Travian Robertson the Gamecocks were one of the best run stoppers in the SEC. The only problem that they face was lack of depth at the Defensive End and Defensive Tackle position. Coach Steve Spurrier and Coach Shane Beamer adressed those needs very well in the 2011 class.

South Carolina has a great group of Defensive Tackles coming in this years class and all of them were in-state products. Kelcy Quarles (6'4''265  5 star) Greenwood #11 Defense Tackle in the 2010 class has completed a season in prep school and is now a member of the Gamecocks. This kid had so much upside coming out of high school and that 1 year of prep school helped his maturity level. Gerald Dixon Jr (6'2''280 3 star) Defensive Tackle out of Northwestern Highschool in SC. This kid may be a steal in this class. He was not ranked in the ESPN 150 or ranked high at his position but all the kid did was make plays all over the field for his high school team. Phillip Dukes (6'3'' 300 4 star) out of Manning High School in SC. Ranked #9 Defensive Tackle in the country, could play Defensive End as well. And last but not least is Deon Green (6'3'' 270 3 star) #50 Defensive Tackle in the country.

The Defensive End class only has 2 player but boy are they big time recruits. These guys played on the same South Pointe High School that lost in the State Championship Game. Gerald Dixon (6'2'' 260 3 star) #25 Defensive End in the land. Dixon has a very high motor and great hands at the point of attack. Will back up Devin Taylor and give the Gamecocks Quality depth at the weak side end position.

Now we have the Greatest Recruit to ever come out of the state of South Carolina, Jedeveon Clowney (6'6'' 247 pounds 5 Star) #! overall player and #1 defensive end in the country. Clowney runs a 4.5 forty. Has great explosion and amazing make up speed. His motor just keep going, has great balance and also is a big bully at the point of attack. Clowney can run around you, through you, or over you. The only question mark is that he needs to work on his hands at contact and find another move besides the bull rush. I see him being a starter from day one but Devein Taylor will be the king of that position next season. Look for Clowney to make a number of plays do to sheer athletic ability, but need to work on fundamentals.

With the defensive front already at South Carolina and now the great depth from the incoming class this could well be the best defensive line in the SEC. But I am positive that this is the Greatest Incoming Defensive Line Class In the History of South Carolina Football. Lets see if that translates ont he field of play.

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DeMarcus Cousins: Misunderstood or a Thug

                        DeMarcus Cousins 6'9" 260 pound Center out of LeFlore High School in Birmingham AL. ESPN had him the #4 overall player in the country, and #1 Center out of high school in 2009. Big Physical kid who could score at will in the paint, with extremely good feet. Out of high school the experts only concern was relying on jump shots to much, attitude, and taking plays off during the course of the game. Cousins signed with the University of Kentucky after decommiting from Alabama Birmingham.At Kentucky he teamed up with #1 overall pick John Wall and senior Patrick Patterson. Everyone expected him to be a one and done player and thats exactly what he was. If there were ever a player in the history of college basketball who needed more than 1 year it would be, DeMarcus Cousins.

While at Kentuky Cousins showed the signs of being that dominate player. At times he was the best player on the court. Just like in high school he continued to have his bad attitude and continued his lack luster play when he didn't wont to go hard. This Kentucky team was supposed to contend for the national title. The immature actions of Cousins was well documented in the continues arguements with coach John Calipari. He also had altercations with teamates when things didn't gohis way. Everybody tossed his actions up to being a kid, immature, and very misunderstood. I believe it would have benifited Cousins very much to stay at the University of Kentucky for at least anoher year. But as we all know money is everything when you are young so Cousins enter the NBA Draft early.

The first sign of trouble in the NBA came when he refused to give the Minnesota Timberwolves a personal workout due to th fact Cousins said there were to many young Big Men already on the Timberwolves roster. So being one of the first teams to pick the Timberwolves stated that they would't touch him with a 10 foot pole. Well that little incident didn't stop the Sacramento Kings from taking Cousins with the #5 Overall pick. The Kings believed that Cousins had so much up side that the immature actions could be corrected.

Cousins was said to be a rookie of the year candidate before he even played his first game. It didn't take long for those same immature patterns to creep up again. Continues arguments with coaches and teammates got him kicked out of practices and even talks of being sent to the D-League. Cousins was also benched for making a choking sign during a loss to the Golden State Warriors. This pattern continues throughout the month of December and it looked like the Kings were punishing Cousins for everything. The last incident, Cousins was benched during the game due to the fact he didn't acknowledge a teammate trying to give him a high-five. Such a small action seemed like it should be over looked was blown up due to the fact he had all the other trouble before. At this point in the season Cousins was averaging a mere 11 points and 5 rebounds a game.

At the end of the year Cousins acknowleged that his actions in his early NBA career were selfish and IMMATURE. And it looked like DeMarcus had turned the corner with his attitude and play until Feb 12. He averaged 17 pts and 9 rebs afther DEC. 29. But here we are again with his latest stunt with the Kings. After last nights game Cousins got into another altercation with teammate Donte Green. The reason for the fight was due to Green not throwing Cousins the ball for a last second shot. Words were exchanged in the locker room and Cousins called Green scared to make decisions to win games late. Cousins also said he was tired of being disrespected due to his rookie status. So the Kings in turn kicked him off the team flight, fined him 5,000 dollars and suspended him 3 games.

Some Kids never learn, you can have all the talent in the world but if you don't apply youself in the right way, talent is useless. Cousins could be one of the best Centers in todays game, but yet continues to act like a high school kid. The sad thing is that a player like Greg Oden had his head on straight but his body could't hold up. If Oden was given this chances to be great you can bet there is no way he screws it up. Looks like the Kings are tired of his antics and seems like for some reason Cousins can't change. What do the Kings do with the #5 Overall pick who they pay 7 million dollars a year? I don't think this is a case of being misunderstood, I think this s a guy who wants everthing handed to him and not have to work. You have to give respect to get respect. Cousins does not deserve the RESPECT of the NBA,fans, veterans, or coaches until he shows some signs of appreciation. This pattern has followed him at all three major levels of his career and honestly i don't see a change in the future. D-League may be the best place to open his eyes.
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ACC and SEC not living up to the hype!!

 When we think of the ACC the fans, media, and coaches have always believed that this is the best basketball confrence in America. The power teams like Duke, North Carolina, NC State, Maryland and even Wake Forrest of late usually have this confrence on the top rung in college basketball. The SEC has produced a number of national championships as well, even though its not on the same level as the ACC. Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, Vandy and LSU have been familer faces in the big dance. Well looks like this years tournament will be very much different.

The ACC is a very average confrence this season. The only teams who are completely out are Georgia Tech, NC State, Virginia and Wake Forrest. The next level of teams are so bunched up who knows whats going to happen. Clemson, Miami, Va Tech, Boston College, Marylsnd are just about as mediocure as you can get. Boston College has the best RPI (41) and Confrense record (6-5) of all the teams. Clemson has a descent overall record at ( 17-8 6-5 ACC) and beat Boston College and Florida St, but has bad RPI (74). Clemson still has games left with Miami and at Duke, if Clemson or Boston College could finish 10-6 in the ACC, I expect they would sneek in the tournament.

That only leaves us with three teams that I feel are automatically in the NCAA Tournament, Duke, North Carolina and Florida St. Duke has the most impressive resume in the ACC with a (20-2 9-1 ACC) record. Only losses coming against Florida St and St. Johns of the Big East. Duke also has the higest RPI in the ACC (#7). UNC started off the season very slow but has turned the heat up as of late. Record (18-6 8-2 ACC) and a RPI of #10. FSU is the only ACC team to knock of Duke they hold a RPI of (50) but has an overall record of (17-7 7-2 ACC). I feel as though Florida St. will have to have a total melt down to not make the big dance.

If you think the ACC is pitiful remember I haven't got to the SEC yeat. The teams already out are South Carolina, Miss St., LSU, Arkansas, Ole Miss, and Auburn. This whole confrence has been very bad. We have Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, and Arkansas with only  5 wins in league play.  The RPI of these teams are very low though Kentucky (14), Tennessee ( 25) and Georgia (45). They have to finish with a good confrence record to get into the big dance. Of the teams above I feel as though Kentucky has the best chance. Alabama is a team with a great confrence record 7-2 but has a bad overall record 15-9 and a bad RPI (91). If Alabama continues confrence play on a high then they sould get a tournament bid.

That leave us with Florida, and Vanderbilt. Florida has been the most consistent team in the SEC with a (19-5) record and (8-2) in the league. RPI is #13 which is best in league as well. I think Florida is a automatic bid. Varderbilt is the most unpredictable team in the SEC having beat Kentucky but has a bad loss to South Carolina. The confrence record is just (6-5) but their RPI is (#18) I expect Vandy to get a bid as well but is still a team that has work to do.

Having said all that I get to my main point, If the tournament started today the 2 confrences would have a total of 4 teams in combined. With the rest of the teams on the outside looking in. I have never in my life see these two leagues in the situation that they are in today. There are 31 automatic bids going to the confrence tounament champions. The Big East could get as many as 10 teams in the big dance, so that leaves a total of 27 at large bids. So therefore the teams on the bubble better crank their level of play up a huge notch with only a few confrence games left. As we all know there are always surprises in the league tournaments and teams still at large bids away by winning those tournaments. You do not want to be sitting there on selection sunday with less than 10 wins in confrence play. Still lots of work ahead. Should be fun down the strech.
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Jerry Sloan the most underrated coach in history!

Jerry Sloan resigns this week from UTAH Jazz, a legand in his on right will be missed by many. Rumors are floating aroud that Sloan and star point guard Deron Williams got into some sort of argument that led to the resignation. Its got to be a sad day for all Utah Jazz fans, and basketball fans in general.

Sloan started his coaching career with the Chicago Bulls (1979-1983), which happens to be the same team he played for after being drafted #4 Overall in the 1965 draft. Sloan was fired in 1982 after missing the playoffs the first year and a first round playoff loss in year 2.

In 1988 Sloan took over for the Utah Jazz and that is the team his name would be linked to for 23 straight years. In those 23 years Sloan would win 1,221 and lose 803.  The 1,221 wins would place him #3 on the all times wins list. Between 1989-2003 he led the Jazz to 15 straight playoff apperances. Sloan had 2 consecutive NBA Final apperences and lost both to the Chicago Bulls led by Micheal Jordan. Jerry Sloan was the most loyal coach in the history of the NBA, even after having to rebuild over and over after Karl Malone and Jon Stockton retired from the NBA, he continued to stick with the Jazz.

We as fans tend to judge athletes and coaches by how many championships they win. Dan Marino will be known as the Greatest QB to never win the Super Bowl. Brett Favre was a great QB but only won a single Championship, now that Aaron Rogers has a Super Bowl title now fans tend to see Rogers as Favres equal. LeBron James is one of the best players in the history of the NBA but yet he has no NBA titles. Sloan coached a total of 32 years but yet never finished on top. The last 10 years he has been considered the Greatest coach to never win a Title. Is it fair, in my opinion these cases are a little different.

Sloan coached against 2 of the top 5 players in the history of the NBA in Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Was he cursed or just unlucky. Even though Stockton and Malone were apart of a lot of those teams the surrounding cast was not great, ran across the Bulls win they were in the prime of their Championship run. Sloan won 6 division titles and had 10 season with over fifty wins, but failed to even win one NBA Coach of the Year award.

I fully believe that Jerry Sloan is the most underrated coach in NBA History. Being 27 years old I find it hard to imagine another guy leading the Jazz, and hard to believe that Sloan was actually head man at another NBA team. I also feel that Sloan was just very unfortunate to run across arguably the Greatest Coach (Phil Jackson) and Greatest Player (Micheal Jordan) of all time. The Bulls was his thorn in the side, and it not for a total melt down in the second trip to the Finals Sloan would have won that elusive Championship.

I will remember him as a Great Coach, a winner, great player developer, and a Class act. I hate to see a true living legand leave the game before our very eyes. Hall-of-Famer even with out the Championship. Coach Sloan it has been a pleasure watching you coach and we will miss you.

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Is Ben Roethlisberger an Elite QB?

                      I find it very hard to believe that we are still questioning if Ben Roethlisberger is in the same conversation as Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees. I really don't have any idea what he has left to prove to anybody. I am going to take you on a journey through that career of Roethlisberger and then you be the judge whether he should be considered an elite QB or not.

In the 2004 NFL Draft there were the QB on the board that were top 10 caliber Quarterbacks. Eli Manning( Ol Miss), Phillip Rivers (NC State) and Ben Roethlisberger (Miami OH). With Manning and Rivers going off the board to the Chargers and Giants, the Steelers were in desperate need of a franchise QB, so they took Roethlisberger with the # 10 overall pick. Out of college he was known as being a big kid with a very strong arm.

The Steeler didn't know what to expect turning over the QB position to a rookie QB so early in his career. The 2004 season will go down as one of the all time greats for a rookie QB. The leading rusher on that team was a retiring future Hall Of Famer in Jerome Bettis and his back up was a undrafted free agent in Fast Willie Parker. Roethlisberger did not disappoint. He finished the regular season with a 15-1 mark and a passer rating of 98.1. He leads us to the AFC Championship game where the Steelers suffer only the second loss of the season. Final record 16-2 playoffs he went 1-1.

The 2005 season was a big year for the Pittsburgh Steelers, especially after playing for a chance to go to the super bowl the previous year. Pittsburgh talked Jerome Bettis into playing one more season knowing the Super Bowl would beplayed in his home town of Detroit Michigan. That Steeler team was a team on a mission, to get Bettis his first title and send him out on top. Roethlisberger held his end of the deal for the second straight year. The regular season ended with a 14-2 mark headed into the playoffs. In the Playoffs Roethlisberger would get his very first Super Bowl win. Pittsburgh wins over the Seattle Seahawks. Final Record 16-2 and 3-0 in the playoffs. So in 2 years Roethlisberger has won 32 games and lost 5 plus Has a Super Bowl Ring. passer rating 98.6..

The 2006 season was a fall back year for the Steelers. They had a lot of turnover with in the team and it showed on the field. Pittsburgh limped to the finish line with an 8-8 record. Roethlisberger has his worst year yet 18 TD'S  and 23 ints with a passer rating of 75. Missed the playoffs for the first time. The 2007 season was a little better, they improved in a lot of areas. Roethlisberger finished that year with 32 TD'S and 11 ints and his best passer rating yet 104. The Steeler lost to the Jaguars in the Wild Card round. In 4 seasons Roethlisberger is 50-20 and a playoff record 4-2 and 1 Super Bowl apperance.

The 2008 season the Steelers were again on a mission. Roethlisberger finished the season 12-4 having to win the last few regular season games just to be the Wild Card entree for the AFC side. Being the number 6 seed in the playoffs gives you very little hope to make a run. The Steelers surprise everyone and make the SuperBowl, with a win over the Arizona Cardnials.He finished with a low passer rating of 80.  Roethlisberger now has a record of 65-24 and 7-2 playoff mark. So in 5 years Roelisberger has led this team to 2 Super Bowl Titles and an AFC Championship game apperance.

The 2009 season was a weird year for the Steelers, no one knew what to expect having just won the Super Bowl. Well this was an up and down year for Steeler fans. Roethlisberger passed for over 4200 yards for the first time ever, 26 TD'S and 12 int with a passer rating of 100.4. But again we miss the payoffs for only the second time under Roethlisberger. 9-7 record... Big Ben now 74-31 while still being 7-2 in the playoffs.

The 2010 season were surounded by tons of questions marks. The team is one of the oldest in the league and Roethlisberger is suspended for the first 4 games due to off field problems. He can not be with the team or practice. With out Ben the Steelers end up with a 3-1 record. Roethlisberger finished this season with an 11-3 record. Guess what, the Steelers again make it through the playoffs and into another Super Bowl. The Packer were lead by a great QB in Aaron Rogers and beat the Steelers 31-25. Roethlisberger finishes with over 3200 yards having missed 4 games. 17 TD'S and 5 Int with a great passer rating of 97.1.

Just so we understand, the twon QB'S  taken before Ben in the draft have a combined 1 super bowl apperence with Manning and the Giants beating the New England Patriots. The so-called elite QB'S Tom Brady has 3 Super Bowls rings and 1 other apperence with a loss to the Giants. Peyton Manning has been in the league twice as long as Ben and has 1 Super Bowl win over Chicago and a loss to the Saints. Drew Brees has 1 super bowl win over the Colts.

I have heard the excuse that Roethlisberger is not elite because the defense carried him. Drew Brees played great last season but his defense was one of the best in the league. Leading in turnovers and points off tunovers. Brady during his Super Bowl runs had one of the most dominated defenses in the NFL. Mannings is maybe the best regular season qb to ever play the game but with one of the worst post season marks ever.

Roethlisberger has an overall record in 7 seasons............85-35 that 50 games over .500
          2 Super Bowl Titles.... 1 Super Bowl Loss and 1 AFC Championship loss
             Playoff mark of 10-3 is one of the best records in the history of the NFL. only
                missing the playoffs 2 out of seven years

If Ben Roethlisberger is not considered as one of the elite QB'S in the league then we need to quit keeping records. At 27 years old he is just now getting to the prime of his career, and can only get better. To be a Super Bowl winner you have got to have help. It may be a load of great WR'S or great RB or even a dominate defense. Those arguments should be thrown out the window.

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